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Datex Launches WMS and 3PL WMS Software Editions for Small Business

Supply chain software developer Datex Corporation announced special warehouse management software editions for small business warehouse, distribution and third party logistics operations. The Datex Small Business Editions are designed to be ideal for small business supply chain logistics operations, either startup businesses or those with less complex business needs.

The Datex FootPrint WMS Small Business software editions provide excellent functionality for warehouse, distribution and third party logistics operations at a lower cost. These software editions are packaged to enable small businesses to save time, money and labor and provide them with a competitive advantage to earn new business, explained Michael Armanious, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Datex FootPrint WMS SBE for 3PL includes sophisticated, easy to use billing to enable third party logistics providers to capture and bill for all value added services. In addition, the warehouse management software also includes an online portal for 3PL customers to access inventory and reports as well as the ability for 3PLs to customize labeling, reports and documentation for their customers. EDI services can also be added to the software editions.

Datex FootPrint WMS relies on workflow to power accurate, efficient productive business processes. Datex FootPrint WMS can be used with RF or RFID solutions to provide complete real time inventory visibility and tracking.

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