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Fujitsu TELentice Digital Media Solution Offers Facial Detection, Personalised Messages and Advanced Analytics

Fujitsu announces the launch of the latest version of TELenticeTM, its Australian-designed digital advertising solution. Version 6.3, which will be released in August in Australia, will incorporate facial detection technology to enable organisations to create a deeper and more interactive level of communication with their customers. The new functionality, which incorporates Near Field Communications (NFC) capability and Bluetooth connectivity, will allow targeted messages and personalised content to be directed to consumers as they approach or pass media screens. An optional demographic recognition capability will allow marketers to personalise content of advertising based on estimated age and gender to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
TELentice is designed for the global retail sector, centre management organisations, the transit market (airports, train stations) and healthcare. Fujitsu’s strategy includes attracting high end advertising and media operations as it looks to partner in the development of a wider range of content creation services.

The solution is ideally suited to implementations of multiple-screen complex display networks in dispersed locations due to its ability to be scaled with little addition to the management effort. Marketers will benefit from the new Operations Dashboards, which offer the ability to gain insight into customer profiles and to calculate returns on communications investment.

Developed at the Fujitsu software development centre in Australia, TELentice delivers integrated control over digital advertising campaigns from network-wide booking and scheduling, distribution and display, through to billing, analysis and auditing. TELentice allows a range of organisations to raise their brand profile, and engage audiences with advertising and information content, faster and cheaper than through conventional channels.

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