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Kit Check Announces RFID Seal Tags

Kit Check announced the availability of serialized RFID seal tags for pharmacy kits. Produced in collaboration with Health Care Logistics, the RFID seal tags are a tamper-evident solution used to visually indicate the status of pharmacy kits. When tags affixed to restocked kits are used as seals and remain unbroken, healthcare professionals are assured that the kit is fully stocked and ready for use. After use, many hospitals use a second seal tag of a different color to indicate the kit is used and ready for restocking. Broken tags indicate the kit has been tampered with and must return to the pharmacy for inspection.

Embedded in each seal is a Kit Check RFID tag. Kit Check's cloud-based software solution automatically reads the tags and associates them by serial number with the appropriate kit. This eliminates today's practice of manually recording seal serial numbers for each kit and creates a detailed audit trail for State Board of Pharmacy and Joint Commission inspections.

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