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New Demonstrator Enables Faster Design Time for Mobile Payment Solutions

NXP Semiconductors, Creditcall and ViewAt Technology Co announced the launch of a complete hardware and software reference demonstrator for secure near field communication (NFC) enabled mobile point of sale (mPoS) solutions. The demonstrator provides a universal solution for all payment technologies – covering both cards and mobile payments – and is pre-validated for international EMVCo and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. The demonstrator also conforms to the People's Bank of China (PBOC) specification for financial transactions, enabling secure transactions in small local retailers, for local service businesses or for delivery-based merchants, such as taxi drivers or food delivery services. The mPOS demonstrator provides a full payment terminal experience to small merchants resulting in shorter queues and reduced waiting time to pay. By equipping store staff with mPOS devices merchants will now also be able to create multiple points-of-payment in their stores maximizing the opportunity to sell.

The reference module offers NFC payment functionality in an mPOS system, enabling system designers to incorporate the technology into future payment terminals, devices and infrastructures. According to ABI research, the installed base of mobile point-of-sale systems will grow from 1.4 million units in 2012 to around 51 million units in 2019. Recent market developments indicate that the use of NFC technology for secure payments will further increase as NFC payment card functionality becomes increasingly integrated in mobile devices.

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