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Chipless RFID market trends

Growing need for efficient management of supply chain operations is expected to fuel chipless RFID market growth over the forecast period. Increasing adoption in applications that require low product value and level of functionality is expected to drive the market.

This is mainly due to the low memory capacity and costs of these RFID tags. Potential opportunities in niche market applications such as banking cards; e-passport and item level tagging for various products is expected to favorably impact RFID growth through the forecast period.

Increased demand for chipless RFID to provide various solutions such as anti-counterfeiting, asset tracking, in order to make systems more productive and avoid the shrink in retail is expected to be the key growth factor for the chipless RFID market

Rising demand for secure smart card system is expected to increase market penetration. Data accuracy, compatibility with the existing infrastructure, easy manufacturing technology and low costs are some of the factors expected to drive the market.

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