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Jamison RFID and Active Identity Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide RFID Smart Portals

Jamison RFID (a division of Jamison Door Company), a manufacturer and integrator of rugged, purpose-built RFID portals and communications enclosures, announced a new partnership and solution set with Active Identity, of Fort Myers, Florida.  The companies will focus on delivering Smart RFID solutions in areas such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare and Office environments.
Jamison RFID's protected, fully-functional, all-in-one RFID Smart Portals and read stations are plug-and-play, which eliminates the hassles associated with deploying RFID solutions in busy environments. Based on customers' vertical application needs, Jamison can provide a Smart RFID portal that is ready to read tags as soon as it is plugged in. 
Jamison's new RFID Smart Portal will integrate Active Identity's Envoy. This integrated RFID Appliance will enable the companies to provide customers with an easy-to-use and mobile solution for a wide variety of applications.  Envoy offers reader libraries, device libraries, logical devices, encoding/decoding, activity building and monitoring, graphical workflow design and a management dashboard console available both through Windows and Smart Phone platforms

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