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Entrust Datacard Continues to Help Expand EMV Instant Issuance Market Adoption

Entrust Datacard announced that financial institutions have instantly issued over 2.1 million chip cards globally in 2015 utilizing Datacard instant issuance hardware and associated software. That number is projected to grow as more financial organizations adopt the technology – especially within the U.S. where EMV migration is rapidly accelerating.

As instant issuance continues to be adopted at an accelerated rate, due to financial organizations realizing the value that it brings to their customer-base, chip cards are now part of this market growth. With the increase of chip cards in the U.S., financial organizations are seeing that the benefits of instantly issuing a personalized, ready-to-use permanent debit or credit cards at account opening; or providing an outlet for consumers who need a replacement card are now optimal for issuing EMV chip cards in place of their magstripe cards at the branch level.

Entrust Datacard has a long history of successful implementations supporting over 300 EMV deployments, and over 25,000 instant issuance programs worldwide. In the U.S. alone, more than 3,400 financial branches have successfully rolled out EMV instant issuance; and over 5,400 branches or retail locations outside the U.S. are currently issuing chip cards – all utilizing Datacard® instant issuance solutions.

Entrust Datacard offers an integrated instant issuance solution – including Datacard CardWizard issuance software, a wide range of hardware options, associated supplies and local service. In addition, the Datacard instant issuance solution is already integrated with more than 60 card management systems and network activation switches, so the overall solution requires a low level of upfront integration into the card management systems.

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