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New Flexible RFID System From Balluff

Balluff has completed the release of their latest industrial RFID system, the BIS V. Capable of reading three different frequencies of RFID tags, this system is designed to address the challenges of a flexible manufacturing environment.

With four dedicated RFID ports and one IO-Link master port, RFID can now be mixed with sensors, hubs, actuators, and even SmartLight tower lights all in one processor. Since it has an IP65 rating, this Balluff BIS V processor can be mounted directly on the production line instead of making long runs back to a control cabinet. Being released along with the processor are several new read/write heads. These heads were designed to address applications where the part or pallet must be read on-the-fly, since they can transfer a relatively large amount of data very quickly. In addition, there are multiple form factors available that allow mounting in the tightest of spaces.

As with most other Balluff RFID systems, the BIS V can connect to all major control systems. Since each device houses a network In and Out port, the network can be configured in multiple topologies and make a single connection back to the PLC via Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, CC-Link, or Ethercat – once again proving that this is quite possibly the most versatile high performance RFID system available today.

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