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RURO Announces FreezerPro RFID Kit

RURO announces the release of FreezerPro RFID Kit version 3 to track valuable laboratory samples. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses radio frequency communication to label and track assets remotely, as opposed to barcodes or human-readable labels. FreezerPro software associates a unique ID number with sample data and storage location. The RFID Printer encodes the ID on a microchip tag affixed to an asset. The ID and all associated data is then retrievable using an RFID Reader. Most importantly, RFID tags are detected remotely and do not require a direct line of sight, unlike barcodes. This allows users to find tracked assets without opening a box.

By combining FreezerPro software with RFID tags organizations will be able to better track key assets, eliminate errors through automation, and increase efficiency in the laboratory. The release of FreezerPro® RFID Kit v3 is an ideal time for organizations requiring a sample management solution to evaluate FreezerPro® and consider the benefits of RFID over barcodes.

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