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Flexstr8 Incorporates NFC Solution with EPSON and Neenah

FlexStr8, Inc. announced today that they are offering a Smart Label GHS label printing/encoding solution. The EPSON ColorWorks TM-C3500 printer with Neenah inkjet KIMDURA label media for harsh environments have already achieved International Maritime Dangerous Goods BS 5609 certification, a key standard for the Global Harmonizing System (GHS) being adopted for chemical labeling around the world.

Leveraging this printing technology, FlexStr8, Inc. has extended the intelligence and data transfer capabilities by incorporating Near Field Communication (NFC) chips directly in the labels. NFC is a type of RFID that can be written and read with many smart phones, negating the need for bulky expensive RFID readers. This offering is the only Smart Label BS 5609-certified solution allowing chemical and pharmaceutical companies to print compliant GHS labels with NFC data links.

FlexStr8 Smart Label solution allows high quality full color graphics with integrated NFC programming capabilities. The system consists of an Epson ColorWorks C3500 Color Label Printer, a FlexStr8 snap on encoder, and FlexStr8 NFC label software.

Encoding and printing FlexStr8 Smart Label Solution, easily integrates with Seagull Scientific’s BarTender, the world’s leading label, and printing, and barcode software. FlexStr8 NFC GHS labels support a wide range of NDEF (URL, vCard, Phone number, and SMS) and Non-NDEF record types. Users can install applications and access product data updates, chemical safety information, and hazardous response information from the cloud by tapping their NFC enabled phones on the smart labels.

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