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Impinj Launches RAIN RFID Retail Solutions With Detego, Inmotion and Nedap

Impinj, Inc. today announced the first solutions in its retail portfolio, built in collaboration with partners Detego, Nedap and Inmotion. Based on the Impinj platform, these end-to-end solutions answer the needs of retailers looking to improve store operations, deliver exceptional customer experience and improve sales.

The solutions deliver item-level visibility and in-store analytics with Detego, inventory intelligence with Nedap, and interactive visual displays with Inmotion. Impinj plans to continue adding solutions to its retail portfolio, as well as introduce portfolios for other industries.

The solutions are built on the Impinj platform, which comprises endpoints (tag chips that uniquely identify items), connectivity (readers and gateways that wirelessly identify the items) and software.
The Impinj platform is the most comprehensive and widely deployed RAIN RFID platform. It gives businesses the ability to implement one infrastructure and leverage Item Intelligence -- item identity, location and authenticity -- in any number of enterprise applications to run their business and deliver compelling consumer experiences.

The Impinj and Detego solution delivers intelligent item-level article management and in-store analytics through complete, real-time supply-chain visibility. The solution delivers insights to store managers about merchandise flow and product availability, allowing them to minimize markdowns.
The solution helps apparel companies receive accurate inventory information and track goods from point-of-manufacturing to point-of-sale. The resulting benefits for retailers include increased delivery accuracy and fewer mis-shipments, reduced processing costs, and improved inventory accuracy thereby leading to more sales.

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