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CardLogix And Eurocoin Join Forces For Smart Card Solutions In European Casinos And Gaming

CardLogix, a leading supplier of smart cards and software for the international casino and gaming industry, announced that it has appointed Eurocoin to sell its products in Europe

The two companies have joined together to serve the rapidly evolving gaming and hospitality markets throughout Europe. Smart cards and related products, such as software, readers, and printers, are in demand for several gaming and resort applications, including Player Tracking, Cashless Gaming, Guest Room/Other physical access, such as key cards, Loyalty, and Multi-Factor Identity Authentication for online gaming. According to KPMG, growth in the online gaming industry alone will grow at a CAGR of 10.6% through 2018.

The alliance between CardLogix and Eurocoin is in response to the rapid convergence of player identity and technology-driven gaming, in casinos and online. A single ID Credential, such as a smart card, is a powerful and versatile way to improve both casino operations and the player experience.

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