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BarCode ID Systems Announces New Name and Branding at MODEX Supply Chain Expo

BarCode ID Systems, a business process improvement company and data automation systems integrator, has announced its official name change to Inovity. The new name for the 23-year old company reflects its continued and long-term evolution from a supplier of barcode systems to an enterprise software and services solution provider. Inovity offers complex data automation system integration, along with custom and tailored business process improvement software for manufacturing, warehousing, field service and healthcare.

According to Inovity co-owner and Executive Vice President, Steve George, "We felt our company name was far too limiting because we provide so much more for our customers. Although barcode technology will continue to be a core offering, we deliver solutions that don't involve barcodes at all." George continued, "The new name really speaks to who we are as a company.  We have always prided ourselves on delivering complex solutions that center around innovation.  Our new name reflects the unique and differentiated solutions we provide our clients that help improve their competitiveness and bottom line."

Along with the new name is the company's new slogan, "Know where. Know when. Know how." The slogan conceptually encompasses the services and results Inovity delivers for its clients: "Know where" refers to the critical need for today's corporations to know the precise location of all materials, production processes, products and inventory to enable real-time information and instant decision-making; "Know when" refers to the importance of knowing when crucial incidents are occurring throughout an organization, from the status of manufacturing work in process to being alerted of a production line stoppage due to mis-packaged or mis-labeled products; "Know how" has a dual-meaning: Inovity has the know-how to provide complex, innovative solutions that allow its clients to know how to improve their productivity, efficiency and ultimate profitability. As Mr. George added, "Our slogan speaks simply, yet in a clever way, to the actionable insights and knowledge we provide to our customers."

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