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Vivienne Westwood Chooses TexTrace Woven RFID Labels to Protect Valuable Brand Assets

TexTrace AG has designed an innovative radio frequency identification (RFID) product authentication solution for renowned fashion company Vivienne Westwood.

Together with partner Eximia Srl, TexTrace delivers a unique solution that discreetly incorporates RFID technology into woven brand labels, offering secure protection with the genuine brand look and feel. In this way, TexTrace is providing Vivienne Westwood a complete approach to product authentication by focusing on the key elements of a leading-edge protection strategy.

 As brand labels have been ruled to be legally part of a product, brand owners can take action against unauthorized resellers, even charging them with product tampering if needed. Garment care labels, however, are not considered part of the product by law, so RFID enabled care labels don't offer the true brand protection provided by a brand label. The TexTrace woven RFID brand label allows items to be tracked throughout the supply chain, with easy authentication using standard RFID technology at the border and in the store.

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