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Checkpoint Systems Introduces New High-Speed, High-Quality RFID Tag and Label Production Capabilities

Checkpoint Systems, Inc. announced EVO, its new high-speed, high-quality production capabilities for RFID tags and labels. The company also announced Check-Net Mobile App, an order-tracking mobile app, and its expanded RFID printing capabilities in Asia.

Retailers are requiring high-quality, high-performance tags that are of heavier weight and often uniquely shaped, which makes them unable to be printed with conventional RFID thermal printers. Checkpoint’s new EVO printing capability is able to encode, verify and print variable data on high-quality, high-performance RFID labels at ten to fifteen times faster than conventional RFID thermal printers.

EVO printing is performed to the retailer’s exact specifications, and tags can be printed on both sides. EVO allows for printing of lower volumes of high-quality tags, reducing costs for retailers. As with all of Checkpoint’s innovative RFID production capabilities, EVO’s sophisticated encoding and verifying processes, tags are double checked for RFID Electronic Product Codes (EPC), and tag data is verified to be correct, unique and matching any barcode on the tag that supports Quality Assurance (QA) practices.

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