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SML Group Announces RFID Tag Products Based on Alien Technology

Identification solution provider SML Group announced a strategic partnership with Alien Technology, enabling SML early access to the latest generation of Higgs-EC technology, as well as Alien's portfolio of fixed and handheld RFID reader solutions.

A proven leader in retail deployments, SML is a leading provider of complete RFID solutions including RFID tags and labels for the top fashion brands and retailers in the world. Incorporating the new Higgs technology allows SML to develop smaller labels and tags with expanded memory capacity, enabling additional information to be stored on the SML RFID label for enhanced loss prevention and brand protection.

SML has released its latest GB4HEC inlay using the Alien HEC chip. This new 42*16mm inlay offers high sensitivity for very fast read rate speeds, as well as a more robust memory that is capable of correcting any bit flip errors that may occur during semiconductor production.

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