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Invengo Finalizes Acquisition of Tagsys RFID Textile Services and Legacy Tag Business

Invengo, the Global RFID Technology Provider, announced the finalization of acquisition of the textile services and legacy RFID Tag Business from French company Tagsys RFID 

Through this acquisition, Invengo extends its global footprint and product development capabilities in high value-added markets providing outstanding growth potential such as textile professional rental services, healthcare and medical tracking solutions, as well as manufacturing and logistics segments. All new services will be managed from Invengo's new Textile & Custom Application Services business unit based in France.

The Textile Services business Invengo has acquired from Tagsys features industry-leading RFID tags (e.g. LinTRAK, MuTRAK) and stations (e.g. u-Door, e-Way) and an innovative, fully integrated and scalable linen inventory visibility and management IoT platform called ACUITY, specifically designed to provide digital analytics and services to laundry groups and their clients. Tagsys' legacy RFID tag business also acquired by Invengo includes an array of unique tags and designs used in specialized applications such as airline baggage handling, document and asset management, pharmaceutical and healthcare applications. 

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