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PLUS Location Systems Partners With Auburn University RFID Lab

PLUS Location Systems, a provider of high-accuracy real-time location tracking and decision support solutions, announced its partnership with the Auburn University RFID Lab. The Auburn RFID Lab is a research institute focusing on the business case and technical implementation of RFID and other emerging technologies in retail, supply chain and manufacturing. The lab provides the perfect collaborative environment to study the next generation of integrated data acquisition, analysis and decision making technologies, tools and processes. Faculty, students, technology providers and organizations are brought together to understand how the needs of the market can be better met through the use of technology.

PLUS has installed a Real Time Location System in the RFID lab to provide high accuracy tracking throughout the facility. The system includes a variety of hardware and software components, including ACTIVE RTLS tags, which are worn by people or attached to assets, and PLUS Readers to receive the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) tag signals.  The tag signals are processed by a suite of software applications to provide accurate, real time location calculations, analyze the movement and interaction of tags, manage databased storage of activity, and provide access and visibility to the data through a variety of dashboards, reports, and APIs. Additional Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled tags, app-based mobile devices and safety system elements are to be added in the near future. Faculty at Auburn will use the system for research in the areas of Warehousing & Distribution, Manufacturing & Processing, Hospitality, Sports, Emergency & Military, and Workplace & Workforce. Also, the system will be demonstrated during regular tours of the RFID Lab, available by appointment.

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