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SML's Clarity RFID Launches Support for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile Devices

Retail RFID platform Clarity expands to support multiple operating systems and languages to further simplify using RFID for retailers and brand owners

'The consumer device market is gaining greater market share among retailers and Clarity is evolving to support the latest devices that retailers want to use as they migrate to RFID,' says Dean Frew, CTO and SVP, RFID Solutions.

According to Consumer Goods Technology CGT 2015 survey, 68 percent of retailers are using an external mobile application. Increasing numbers of retailers are moving on from old Windows Mobile devices for in-store inventory management to iOS, Android and Windows10 devices for automated data and associated user interface platforms. The emergence of Bluetooth-enabled RFID sleds is a positive trend that gives customers maximum flexibility to add RFID capability while preserving their investment in mobile devices that is essential to achieving this goal.

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