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Global RFID Smart Antenna Market 2016-2020

The global RFID smart antenna market will grow at a CAGR of 12.94% during the period 2016-2020, according to a new report. A trend influencing market growth is the emergence of cloud-based RFID solutions. Advances in technology have led to the expansion of RFID technology in various fields such as the transportation, aerospace, IT, and logistics. However, due to high IT infrastructure requirements such as database, servers, and inter-/intra-network, which adds to its already high deployment and implementation costs, the adoption of RFID has been limited to small and medium-sized retail chains or stores. The cloud-based RFID solutions offered by various RDIF solution providers such as Terso Solutions, Tellago, and Nedap are providing opportunity for small and medium-sized retailers to avail the benefits of RFID systems, as they reduce the initial procurement cost of servers.

According to the report, a key growth driver is the emerging applications for RFID. RFID smart antennas integrated into RFID systems are selected on the basis of radiation resistance, resistive losses, bandwidth, and feed impedance. RFID smart antennas transmit and emit both electrical and magnetic properties and operate around a wide range of frequencies to contain the reliability of the information collected. As a result, the reliability of RFID systems has increased over time, which, in turn, has resulted in an increase in demand for RFID systems. RFID systems are used for asset tracking and thus, it was perceived that the major applications of such systems are more useful in retail and logistics environments. 

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