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Elatec's TWN4 MultiTech Reader Demystifies RFID Card Technology

Elatec USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elatec GmbH, which is based in Munich, Germany. A worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of highly configurable RFID technology, Elatec has demystified the card reader market with the TWN4 MultiTech reader.

The Elatec TWN4 card reader is one of the most versatile products of its kind on the market today. It's virtually a single-part-number solution which could potentially reduce inventory requirements by more than 50%. TWN4 simultaneously reads more than fifty RFID technologies from both the low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) bands, including NFC.  This provides the option to select as many of the technologies required instead of being forced to select one or two like most other readers.

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