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Chuangxinjia Brings the Newest RFID Label to the Mass Market

Shenzhen  Chuangxinjia smart card co., Ltd, a global top 10 enterprise RFID label supplier, announced the availability of its new RFID label products, which may be applied in mobile payment, animal chip, access control, aviation package identification, documentation, tracking management, package tracking recognition, animal husbandry, mobile commerce, security products, ticket management, parking control, production line automation, material management and so on, offering you unique information recognition technology in various fields.

With various features including ultra-thin and lightweight, protecting your identity, radio frequency shield, Chuangxinjia RFID label will bring you different and novel experience. In addition, different antenna design and packaging material can be made into various kinds of labels, such as Inlays, RFID Windshield Tags, RFID Anti-Metal Tags, RFID Jewelry Tags, RFID Library Tags, Luggage tag, RFID Laundry Tags and RFID Jewelry Tags, ect, providing a great variety of choices for customers under the precondition of keeping good quality.

With the continuous development of technology and human-centered service, it is an inevitable tendency that many new products strive to provide more convenient and efficient service for people, and RFID technology is no exception, due to the extensive application and the increasing market requirement of RFID, Chuangxinjia senior management decided to research and development a new kind of high-tech RFID product to cope with the current market demand. Over a course of years research and development, Chuangxinjia R&D team created the latest technology RFID products advance in intelligent identification, the sole aim is to bring their customers the very best that this technology has to offer. Accordingly, RFID label entered the public view, it is firmly convinced that it will gain both popular and critical success because of its various advantages.

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