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Balluff Introduces Highly Anticipated BIS VU-320 RFID Reader

Expanding on the success of the BIS V RFID platform, Balluff recently began fulfilling orders in North America and Europe on the highly anticipated BIS VU-320 UHF reader. The BIS V multichannel processor can now accept readers in the Low(LF), High(HF), and Ultrahigh(UHF) Frequencies. In addition, all three frequencies can operate simultaneously. In a case where there may be a mixed environment of tag frequencies, the BIS V system simplifies the RFID architecture.

Like all other Balluff RFID readers, the VU-320, is built to withstand tough manufacturing environments with its IP67 rating. Four highly-visible LEDs simplify the trouble shooting process, eliminating the need to access a webserver or PLC to determine if a tag is being read or if the antenna is sending a signal. Because the VU-320 is a part of the BIS V portfolio, it can communicate via Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet IP, CC-Link or Ethercat. A full line of mounting accessories and cables is available, as well.

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