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GAO RFID Announces the Release of Its Industry-Changing Smart Checkout System for Cabinets

GAO RFID is excited to introduce an integrated business solution for tracking the checkout and return of important assets from within a cabinet. GAO now offers a Smart Checkout Cabinet that is a self-service system designed for businesses that require employees and contractors to borrow assets in order to complete their day-to-day tasks. Assets such as portable tools, safety items, technology devices, and keys can be inventoried, checked out, and tracked automatically in real-time using RFID technology that works with any cabinets fitted with an electronic strike. The result is automation and insight: employees and contractors check out and return items, while the system’s flexible reporting features provide managers visibility on asset use.

This intelligently integrated solution optimizes the management and monitoring of important assets by improving speed and functionality of the tracking process. Compared to other traditional approaches for tracking checkout and return of assets, the Smart Checkout offers an automated solution that reduces the risk of loss and theft while assigning accountability for their use. The system offers a simple workflow: just check out, return, and reconcile. Item removal and return is automatically recognized by the cabinet, and the system summarizes the items borrowed, assigns them to the user, and records the transaction in the database.

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