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Hortilux cultivates an illuminating IoT approach with Mendix

Dutch manufacturer of grow lights Hortlux has developed a digital platform where IoT-sourced insights, harvested from commercial greenhouses, are shared with customers. There are three elements to Hortilux’s IoT approach. First, there are the sensors that Hortilux installs in the professional greenhouses of its customers. These collect various types of information, including data on temperatures, carbon dioxide levels and power quality in the lighting installation.

Second, there is the platform on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud where this data is stored and managed.Third, there is the Hortisense platform, which provides growers with an interface by which they can view the information. This was (and continues to be) developed on Hortilux’s behalf by consultancy firm First Consulting, using low-code, rapid application development tools from Mendix.

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