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RFID Tracking Fuel Trailers to Prevent Theft in Chile

Truck-fleet and asset-management technology company GPS Chile has deployed an RFID-enabled solution for a national oil company to manage the location and security of its loads, using RFID technology from Switzerland-based Internet of Things (IoT) technology firm Agorabee. Since being taken live last summer, the system has enabled the company to view where fuel tank trailers, loaded with its product, are located, based on an RFID link between each tagged trailer and a reading device, coupled with GPS, on the truck. The system is designed to accomplish several tasks, the company reports. First, it tracks which tractor is linked to each trailer, and whether that tractor-trailer match is incorrect (meaning that a driver might be taking the wrong trailer). It also provides visibility into the oil-filled trailer's location via the truck's GPS coordinates, linked to the unique ID number on the trailer's RFID tag.

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