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RFID-enabled Enterprise Visibility Solution of Consumable Assets from WaveMark

Intelligent InSites, a provider of enterprise real-time location systems (RTLS) software helping hospitals improve patient satisfaction and operational performance while supporting multiple RFID and RTLS technologies, and WaveMark, Inc.  have announced the integration of WaveMark's enterprise visibility solution of consumable assets including medical implantable devices and supplies with the Intelligent InSites enterprise RTLS software solution.
According to Chadha, with the cloud-based RFID-enabled supply chain management solution from WaveMark, hospitals are able to better manage their inventory levels by adjusting par levels to match usage more closely, eliminating waste from expired products. In addition, WaveMark's solution can conduct detailed analysis on device usage per room and physician. This information supports effective inventory consumption and regulatory compliance.
The Intelligent InSites RTLS software solution -- which provides a unified user interface for multiple enterprise-wide RTLS applications, integrations, connectivity, 3rd-party solutions, and RTLS hardware technologies -- enables hospitals to achieve meaningful and measurable hard-dollar cost savings while improving patient satisfaction and patient care.

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