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Trimble Introduces ThingMagic Mercury6e-Micro RFID Reader Module

Trimble introduced its next-generation UHF RFID reader module, designed to be embedded into a wide variety of handheld, portable and stationary devices. The exceptionally small size and powerful performance of the Mercury6e-Micro (M6e-Micro) yields increased efficiency, reduced development costs and time-to-market advantages for RFID applications. Only 46 mm long and 26 mm wide, the M6e-Micro offers two antenna ports and supports the ability to transmit up to +30 dBm (1 Watt) of power for the most demanding applications.
"The opportunity to embed high-performance, low cost RFID technology into many different types of products and solutions is driving innovation throughout commercial, industrial and consumer markets. The M6e-Micro module represents a significant step in supporting this innovation," said Tom Grant, general manager of Trimble's ThingMagic Division. "The introduction of the M6e-Micro demonstrates our continued commitment to removing the barriers to adoption so that more organizations can take advantage of RFID technology for their mission-critical applications."
The M6e-Micro can be embedded into handheld and portable devices to add RFID to everyday products such as printers and mobile computers. It can also be used to create small RFID readers and add-on accessories for existing and emerging solutions where using auto-identification technology can automate workflows or deliver new services.
The read distance of the M6e-Micro is limited only by the size and quality of the antenna selected to operate with the module. With the same antennas typically used in low-profile handheld readers, the M6e-Micro delivers up to two times the read distance of other RFID modules used in mobile applications. The M6e-Micro can read tags at a rate of up to 700 tags per second - more than 4 times the advertised read rate of comparable products on the market. Power can also be throttled down to support applications that demand precision such as tag writing.
When transmitting, the M6e-Micro draws less current than is typical for a high-performance UHF RFID module. The module is able to consume as little as 0.025 Watts while remaining ready to react quickly to commands. Support for voltages ranging between 3.3 V and 5 V makes this module compatible with a wide variety of solution architectures, and its built-in voltage regulation allows it to be run directly off battery power. Further performance optimization results in battery power savings over modules that need to transmit longer to read the same number of tags.
Customers can choose from two mounting options - vertically combining the module with low-profile connectors or soldered to a motherboard, requiring no cabling. The solder-down option supports high-volume production and reduces component and assembly costs for original equipment manufacturers.
These form factor and performance advantages allow customers to add optimized and standards-compliant RFID technology to a great number of devices and solutions, delivering cost savings and time-to-market advantages over alternative methods of embedding RFID.

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