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RFID applications for retail to display at EuroCIS

Enso Detego GmbH, specialists for RFID solutions, announced what it said are new possibilities for the use of RFID in fashion retail ahead of the EuroCIS technology trade fair in Duesseldorf, Germany from Feb. 19-21.
Detego will present a software solution featuring a range of analysis functions allowing efficient inventory management at the individual item level, the announcement said. Together with höltl Retail Solutions, a provider of IT solutions for retail, Enso Detego will present a live demonstration at EuroCIS to show how RFID can be used at every stage of the retail supply chain, covering aspects such as printing RFID tags, incoming goods, recording the movement of items from the warehouse to the sales floor, stocktaking, checkout processes and EAS.
"With these innovations, we have made RFID even more profitable. The technology for the contactless identification and tracking of individual items will continue to rationalize the entire flow of goods from production to the point of sale," said Tom Vieweger, key account manager at Enso Detego. "New software tools offer fashion retailers new possibilities when it comes to carrying out evaluations and analyses."


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