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Socket Mobile Gaining Momentum in Mobile Tablet Point-of-Sale Market

Socket Mobile, Inc. announced strong momentum for its cordless barcode scanners in the mobile tablet point-of-sale (POS) market. More than 100 business application software developers who specialize in retail have registered in the Socket Mobile Developer Program, and many have begun integrating support for Socket Mobile barcode scanners into their tablet-based POS solutions. These developers come from 19 countries in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, with 77% focusing on Apple iOS, 45% on Android, and many supporting both. Many of their solutions are either currently available or in the process of getting approved for sale on the Apple App Store or Google Play, with several already actively in use by retailers around the world.
Sales of mobile POS solutions tend to be strongest from late February to September each year as retailers prepare for higher sales during the holiday shopping season. A major retailer in Japan has already ordered 3,200 Socket Mobile barcode scanners for use in mobile POS with Fujitsu Android tablets.
Socket Mobile also had a strong presence at the National Retail Federation's annual convention in January, where several of the top tablet POS providers featured the company's barcode scanners in their booths, tightly integrated with their software applications:
"Socket Mobile barcode scanners are becoming the de facto standard for tablet-based POS solutions, and global POS leaders and independent developers alike are joining our developer program to embed support for our scanners into their applications as retailers look to displace traditional cash registers and bring a value-add sales solution to their business," said Mike Gifford , Executive Vice President of Socket Mobile.
"The strong traction of our products among mobile POS developers shows the excellent fit of our products in mobile retail applications in terms of ease of use, ease of connectivity to mobile tablets, and stylish look and feel for image-conscious retailers. Additionally, each scanner model works with multiple operating systems, giving end users the flexibility to choose their favorite device," Gifford added.
The company's barcode scanning Software Development Kit (SDK), known as SocketScan 10 SDK, includes support for Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices and is available to members of the Socket Mobile Developer Program.

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