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Cognex Upgrades Its Powerful Line Of Handheld Barcode Readers

Cognex Corporation has upgraded its line of DataMan 8000 series industrial handheld barcode readers with a major performance boost to both reading robustness and speed. The already powerful handheld readers are now equipped with proprietary Cognex Hotbars™ image-analysis technology for the fastest 1-D barcode reading performance and Cognex 2DMax+ algorithm for unmatched decoding of 2-D printed and DPM matrix codes. The new features also include a rapid dual-focus image acquisition routine which enables the readers to decode a wide range of barcode sizes even faster.
1DMax+ with Hotbars enables the DataMan 8000 series to read the most challenging 1-D barcodes quickly and easily even when those barcodes are damaged, blurred, at extreme perspective, or otherwise challenging.
The DataMan 8000 series now utilizes the powerful 2DMax+ algorithm, which has the fastest decode times and is effective even on codes with perspective distortion, low contrast, or finder and clocking pattern damage. The DataMan 8000 series now allows the user to select the type of code to be read (from easy to extremely challenging). This is especially useful for increasing reading speeds when only printed or high-contrast codes are being read or when facing the most challenging DPM codes that cannot be read with standard settings.

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