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The Black Tux integrates Fujitsu RFID

Formal wear rental leader, The Black Tux, has implemented Fujitsu’s new washable UHF RFID Fashion tag as well as Fujitsu’s rugged Linen tag to reduce garment processing time and improve order accuracy. Additionally, integrating RFID tracking into their order management process helps their customers get faster delivery of formal wear and accessories while reducing internal handling and administrative costs.

The Fujitsu RFID tags allow warehouse personnel to quickly and accurately configure an order with the precise item styles, colors, and sizes. Packed orders are then verified before shipping by reading the contents of the final shipping box without ever having to touch the items in the box. No more shipping the wrong color tie or 2 left shoes to a waiting customer. Returned orders are immediately scanned as soon as they are received so The Black Tux can provide fast and accurate accounting of returned items which reduces the chances of lost items due to inaccurate manual sorting and scanning with traditional bar code readers. Customer orders can be quickly closed and the need for unnecessary customer contact for lost items is eliminated.

The Fujitsu washable RFID tags are so small that they are virtually imperceptible when installed in fashion and formal wear. The new WT-A522L Fashion tag, which is Fujitsu’s thinnest tag, is made from transparent materials, allowing it to be sewn into any tie, sheer fabric, accessory, or inserted into shoes. The Fashion tag is home wash, dry-clean, and ironing safe. The rugged WT-A533 Linen tag is designed to survive hundreds of washings under very harsh industrial washing conditions.

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