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Autofocus Barcode Reader

Microscan has introduced MicroHAWK Ultra-High Density (UHD) Autofocus barcode readers. These devices can read and decode tiny, difficult-to-read codes including Data Matrix symbols as small as 2 mil, and include a true Autofocus system that automatically selects the optimal settings.
Microscan’s UHD optics are fully-integrated within the MicroHAWK’s imaging system and have been custom-designed to decode tiny symbols at a distance of 40 to 150 mm.

When enabling true Autofocus in continuous read or presentation mode, the MicroHAWK reader will automatically search for symbols, refocusing after every five no-read results. While in continuous read, triggered, or presentation modes, users can use spot focus to click anywhere within the live view captured by the MicroHAWK reader to auto-set the focal distance for specific symbol locations.

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