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Colorado Liquor Retailer Gets Quick Payback From Low-Cost RFID Solution

Banana Belt Liquors keeps its prices low by buying liquor in bulk and storing it within a warehouse prior to selling the product at its adjacent retail store in Woodland Park, Colo., located approximately 18 miles north of Pikes Peak. Tracking the cases of product in the warehouse, however, is a major task that can lead to confusion regarding what is or is not in stock, since it is not feasible to conduct complete inventory counts on a frequent basis. Therefore, Banana Belt's owner, Carla Clausen, has installed an RFID system that has eliminated the problem. Thanks to a solution supplied by Truecount, which the beverage company installed itself, Clausen says she now knows product is in the warehouse, and can conduct quick inventory checks to determine if that has changed at any given time. - See more at:

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