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Mobeam and Clutch launch mobile wallet that beams barcodes to laser scanners

Mobeam and Clutch released the latest mobile wallet enabled with Mobeam's patented beaming technology. This new feature lets consumers use Mobeam's technology to beam barcodes from their loyalty, membership, and gift cards directly from their smartphone to any laser scanner. The beaming feature is available exclusively on two of the world's most popular phones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. In the past month, Mobeam's beaming technology has driven close to 2 million shopping trips on over 25 million devices.
"The mobile shopping experience needs to be easy, simple and convenient for our customers," said Andy O'Dell, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Clutch. "Now that our Clutch app is enabled with Mobeam's beaming technology, consumers will be able to use gift cards, loyalty cards and coupons - anything that has a barcode - at the checkout line, right from their smartphone. Now consumers won't have to worry whether or not their merchant will be able to scan a card stored in Clutch, greatly enhancing the convenience of a mobile wallet and saving valuable time at the checkout."
Clutch eliminates the need for multiple apps, enabling consumers to manage gift and loyalty cards, daily deals, coupons, offer searches, purchases, shopping comparisons, social gifting and mobile payments all in one place. Clutch currently supports hundreds of leading brands and merchants and aggregates more than 100,000 deals, offers and rebates daily.
Mobeam's beaming technology, embedded in the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, solves the key problem that has limited the progress of mobile commerce: widely deployed retail laser scanners are unable to scan a barcode presented on a smartphone screen. Mobeam converts barcodes into beams of light that can be read by the tens of millions of laser scanners in use today by retailers worldwide. Samsung has said retailers prefer traditional barcodes, because they do not have to install any new infrastructure.

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