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B.O.S. RFID and Mobile Division Won a Governmental Bid of $380,000 for Tracking and Counting Assets Via RFID

B.O.S. Better Online Solutions Ltd. ("BOS" or the "Company") announced that its RFID and Mobile Division won a bid from an Israeli Governmental Ministry for tracking and counting the Ministry's assets in various locations in Israel. The bid amounted to $380,000, and the service is planned to be provided during 2016.

Uzi Parizat, VP Sales and Marketing RFID and Mobile Division, stated: "The solution we offer the Ministry reflects our capabilities and expertise in the field of Automatic Identification and Data collection. Our solution is comprised of  software, RFID ("Radio Frequency Identification") automatic readers and varied RFID tags. In addition, we will provide the workforce that will label the assets with RFID tags and conduct the actual counting of the assets."

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