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Checkpoint Introduces Dual Integrated RF-RFID Labels; UNO Series Enables Practical Migration Path to RFID

Checkpoint Systems, Inc. announced patent-pending dual RF-RFID labels that incorporate UCODE 7 chips from NXP. The UNO Series helps retailers protect health/beauty/cosmetics categories, hard goods and apparel merchandise using their current electronic article surveillance (EAS) infrastructures -- while at the same time delivering radio-frequency identification (RFID) benefits in inventory cycle counting and merchandise management for omni-channel fulfillment and auto replenishment.

The UNO Series with UCODE 7 chip requires less power for increased read and write sensitivity -- providing faster performance in reading and encoding. It also provides greater broadband width, which enables improved functionality internationally, where the frequencies of readers’ RF signals vary from region to region. This means that regardless of the point of manufacture or destination location, the UCODE 7 will perform reliably.

UNO labels were specifically developed to provide a more affordable upgrade path, allowing retailers currently utilizing EAS protection to transition to RFID by providing the option to apply it to certain merchandise categories and still leverage the EAS infrastructure they already have at stores.

In fact, the first Checkpoint health & beauty retail customer has already begun implementing UNO labels with great success improving its inventory visibility and reducing out-of-stocks. This retailer stated that because of the accurate inventory visibility with this new technology, it has now reduced its inventory counts and still improved out-of-stock metrics. A majority of Checkpoint EAS pedestals are already easily upgradeable with an available RFID kit.

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