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Commercial airport baggage handling systems market to grow at 8%

Global Commercial Airport Baggage Handling Systems Market 2016-2020 research report, growing usage of RFID technology in baggage handling is also expected to fuel the market growth during the forecast period. For instance, companies such as SITA have implemented global IP-based networks for efficient baggage handling.

The market research analyst predicts the global commercial airport baggage handling systems market to grow at a CAGR of around 8% between 2016 and 2020. The airport terminal expansions and new airport construction projects worldwide is driving the growth of the market.

For instance, countries such as China, Turkey, and the UAE are currently undergoing multiple large airport construction projects. Moreover, major airports such as the Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in the US handle a large number of passengers on a daily basis and are anticipated to spend million on improved baggage handling systems.

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