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New boosted NFC/RFID Tag Front End Enables Secure Payment Transactions on microSD and microSIM Cards

Featuring Active Boost technology and other unique enhancements, the AS3922 achieves reliable reader-tag communication in the hostile mobile phone environment with no need for an external booster antenna
ams AG, a worldwide designer and manufacturer of high-performance analog ICs for consumer & communications, industrial & medical, and automotive applications, today announces the release of the AS3922, a tag analog front end (AFE) which enables the operation of NFC on μSD, μSIM, SIM and other space-constrained carrier devices.
Featuring Active Boost technology from ams, the AS3922 emulates an ISO14443A/B tag through active transmission of the tag's response in synch with the reader's carrier field. This overcomes the difficulties with using conventional passive load modulation in a μSD or μSIM card, a device with a very small antenna and - in a mobile phone - operating in a harsh environment. The use of an AS3922 AFE provides for tag-to-reader communication at coupling factors one order of magnitude lower than is possible using conventional methods.
The general introduction of the AS3922, which can interface to any Dual Interface Secure Environment, enables the development of a new generation of contactless payments accessories hosted on a μSD, μSIM or SIM card. Mobile phone network operators, banks and others will be able to provide customers with a contactless payment technology card suitable for the many mobile phones that have no NFC capability.
As well as offering Active Boost functionality, the AS3922 also features antenna auto tuning (AAT) technology, Q factor adjustment, and a low-impedance output driver with adjustable output power.
The AS3922 complies with the ISO14443A and B standards for tag emulation, supporting data rates up to 106kb/s. It also supports FeliCa at data rates up to 212kb/s.

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