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Toshiba Helps Eradicate Faulty Barcodes

Specialist in industrial barcode printers, TOSHIBA TEC is pleased to announce that it is now able to offer the world’s first integrated barcode verification system as an add-on to its product range, in a bid to ensure that only barcodes meeting the highest ISO standards find their way in to the supply chain. 
Verify from Norprint, one of Europe’s largest labelling solutions providers, is the only integrated in-line barcode verification system that removes errant barcodes automatically from the production process immediately they are printed.
To date, manufacturers and suppliers have had to rely on verification systems that scan barcodes after they have been printed, relying on human intervention to remove manually any that are sub-standard.
However, the new solution checks every barcode label for print quality and missing text, verifying any combination of linear, matrix and stacked codes in any orientation with any number and mix of codes, to ensure that they comply with ISO Print Quality Standards.
When an error is detected, Verify stops the printer, feeds the labels back into the machine and prints an obliteration pattern over the faulty label, stopping any inferior barcodes from progressing into the supply chain.  Results are shown on screen and an image of the faulty barcode is stored.  Verify also preserves the integrity of the serial numbers.
Incorporating the latest vision technology, Verify uses a high resolution camera system housed in a compact purpose-built unit that can be attached neatly in-line to the front of the Toshiba TEC B-SX range of thermal barcode printers.
Complete integration with Norprint’s GS1 accredited software allows the user to accurately ISO grade any 1D and 2D barcode, perform Optical Character Verification on variable text data and pattern match for blemishes or print defects.

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