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World’s First Dual Memory RFID Chip

Tego Inc., the leading developer of high memory RFID chips, tags and software, released the TegoChipTM DMTM (Dual Memory) for both Single-Record and Dual-Record tags as defined by the latest Air Transport Association's (ATA) Spec 2000, Chapter 9-5, 2013 standard for the aviation industry. TegoChip DM offers two distinct memory sections for two record types required on assets in aerospace tagging programs. One memory section is reserved for permanent, archival information, perfect for storing an asset's locked Birth Record where data is needed throughout an asset's lifetime. The second memory section is reserved for rewritable information, allowing users to update a Lifecycle Record to show a tagged item's condition as it changes over time. TegoChip DM is the only chip available that fully supports the Dual-Record tag type.
TegoChip DM was designed in response to the new ATA standard, published today, which has significant changes and new capabilities that OEMs, airframe manufacturers and airlines plan to use immediately. While the new standard already includes mandatory and conditional data elements allowing for efficient e-business exchange, it also includes features that allow proprietary and user-defined data entries, something that RFID adopters have long wanted on tagged parts. Only TegoChip DM allows for all these data elements, enabling aviation users to fully describe their assets and ensure compliance over a long lifetime, likely decades.

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