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Software Company Anahata Offers Services to Melbourne's Fruit Industry

The fruit Industry comprises perishable products that need to be shipped to the market in the shortest time possible. Due to the lack of cost-effective and efficient solutions managing fruit stocks has posed the greatest challenge to investors in the industry. Anahata has ventured into the market to provide tailor-made ICT solutions that increase profitability and eradicate the loss of perishable stock in the industry.
Anahata specializes in the delivery of cross-platform solutions that are secure, stable and compatible with existing systems and infrastructure. This results in cost reduction over the lifespan of the software application. The firm also issues solutions on the Mac platform that is compatible with Mac applications. Partnerships with leading software vendors have enabled Anahata to venture into and deliver turnkey solutions as well.
Customer support is available through the day and night and on-site training is provided to the staffs to operate the new software applications. Anahata’s expert staffs improve the workflow of the client’s business operations in order to ensure the proper functioning of the ICT solutions it offers. This is coupled to a continuous integration process in order to ensure that the software is fine tuned to assist in realizing the goals and objectives of the customer.

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