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Gnoments Product Launch Brings Romance to the Tech World

More than a romantic gift made to pull at one's heartstrings, the gnomes behind Gnoments are a tech-savvy duo designed for the 21st century. This innovative creation harnesses the convenience of modern technology and pairs it with two adorable gnomes to connect loved ones and encourage the thoughtfulness we all need in a relationship.

Through the gnomes embedded NFC Chip (Near Field Communication), couples are able to program a variety of special messages using NFC-enabled smart phones that their loved one can scan and read.

From their long pigtails and beards, to their giant noses and handy backpacks where handwritten notes and small gifts can be hidden, every detail is meant to bring a smile to one's face and an excited tingle to one's belly in anticipation of what the secret message will be. Whether the user programs a message onto the chip or puts a note in the back pouch, they must hide the gnome where the significant other is sure to find it. Once discovered, the partner will surely feel loved as they either open the back pouch to reveal the surprise inside or scan the chip to retrieve the message.

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