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Will Micron’s Latest Product Lead to IoT Riches?

The booming Internet of Things (IoT) market will pose one major challenge as more devices connect and communicate with each other: Security. Future Market Insights pins the size of the IoT security market at $17 billion in 2020, up from just $7.8 billion in 2014 as device makers add embedded security solutions in their devices to maintain data integrity.
Micron Technology doesn't want to miss this gravy train, so it has joined forces with Microsoft to launch a new product to address cybersecurity challenges in IoT devices and sensors. The jointly developed security technology deploys Micron's flash memory that's integrated into the IoT device at the hardware level, and then uses Microsoft's Azure service to send data safely to the cloud. Micron is using its proprietary Authenta technology to power this solution, which allows system developers to use existing flash memory sockets in IoT devices to bolster security features without the need for any additional hardware that eliminates any extra costs.

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