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Checkpoint’s Micro RFID Label Designed for Smaller Health, Beauty, Cosmetic Retail Merchandise Applications

Checkpoint Systems, Inc. announced its Micro RFID label for health/beauty/cosmetics categories such as hair care, over-the-counter medication and mid-size cosmetics. Because of small sizes, SKU complexity and densely packed merchandising displays, these categories have specific inventory management challenges. The Micro and its previously released companion labels – the Whisper and Slim – cover the full gamut of products that fall within this merchandise category, allowing retailers to tag more merchandise than ever before to maximize their inventory visibility.

The Micro features a tiny inlay size of 25mm x 10mm and is integrated with the Impinj Monza RAIN RFID R6 chip for optimal performance with Checkpoint’s RAIN RFID solutions and other Merchandise Visibility solutions. Micro tags can be applied over the packaging of numerous health/beauty/cosmetics products or directly on the products themselves.

The Micro is ISO18000-6C compliant and can be encoded and printed to carry EPC data in several formats, with a 2D printed bar code and human readable text.

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